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Frenchy Burrito
Early Recordings:
The Resurrection Of The Only Remaining Steel City Country Band

The Resurrection Of The Only Remaining Steel City Country Band: The only remaining recording of THE ONLY REMAINING STEEL CITY COUNTRY BAND has finally been released after thirty years. These are the first ever professional recordings of Frenchy Burrito and the late Rodd Willings. Recorded on a Teac 3340S 4/track reel to reel and a Revox 2/track in a basement and a living room. Recorded circa 1974. The band was formed by Frenchy and Rodd in 1972 originally as a duo and later grew to include Doug Miles, Aaron Mitchell and Joe Blisky. They performed in Pittsburgh at universities and local clubs. Frenchy and Rodd had previously performed in New York City (Gerdes Folk City), Philadelphia (The Philadelphia Folk Festival) and Chicago (No Exit Cafe) as well as Pittsburgh. Frenchy and Rodd were also lucky enough to meet Victoria Spivey at the 1973 Philly Folk Festival. Ms. Spivey owned her own independent record label called Spivey Records and gave Bob Dylan his first recording gig as a sideman playing harmonica for Big Joe Williams. The Steel City C-Band also made a radio appearance on WYEP FM 91.3 Pittsburgh. They were the first live performers on the new station doing a show called Stone Soup hosted by Betty Aberlin before she joined The Mister Rogers show. At the time Betty was a regular on The Smothers Brothers Show and was dividing her time between Pittsburgh and L.A. The Stone Soup Show was recorded but the tape is lost. (if anybody out there has a copy please contact Frenchy) The band eventually changed their name to City Lights and shortly after that dissolved with members going off to pursue other interests. The
band were early pioneers in home recording.

Franky Lamp,

LoFiology Records  6/2003
Early recordings cover
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